Visiting Japan & Visa


Who needs a visa?

●On October 11, 2022 at 0:00 AM (JST), foreign nationals who meet ALL of the criteria below are no longer required to obtain a visa.
  • Barbadian or foreign nationals of Visa Exemption countries (See "the list of visa exemption countries and regions").
  • Short-term stay (less than 90 days).
  • Purpose of the visit is either tourism or business/conference/study that does not include remunerative activities.
Note: Barbadians in possession of Barbados Machine-Readable Passports (MRP) in compliance with ICAO standards do not require a visa for Short-Term stay. Those who do not hold an MRP are recommended to obtain a visa in advance, otherwise they will be strictly examined and may be refused entry to Japan.

●From October 11, 2022 at 0:00 AM (JST), the temporary suspension of validity of single entry visas and multiple entry visas (including APEC Business Travel Cards) issued before December 1, 2021 was lifted. 
  • Your visa or APEC card must not be expired when you enter Japan. 
For detailed information, please enquire at the consular section of the Embassy.

Consular Service Hours:
 Monday to Friday, except for the national holidays
 8:30~11:30, 13:30~15:30 

If you have any enquires about a Visa for Japan, please call the following "Japan Visa Information Hotline".
Japan Visa Information Hotline
 Phone number: +1-246-623-9895
   Language: English only
 Service hours: 24 hours, every day

Caribbean countries/regions under the jurisdiction of Japanese Embassies

  The visa application must be submitted in person, by the applicant, to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General which has jurisdiction over the country in which the applicant resides or the country where the applicant’s passport was issued.


  • The Visa Section of the Embassy of Japan in Barbados processes and issues the requisite visas to nationals of Barbados, as well as to foreign nationals residing in Barbados with valid permission for long term stay.







The visa application requirements may differ depending on the purpose of the visit, length of stay, nationality of the applicant, as well as other factors. Therefore, it is recommended that the following instructions be read carefully in order to determine the type of visa required or whether a visa would be required:

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

  • After 12:00 am (JST) on April 29, 2023, all travelers and returnees are no longer required to submit a certificate of negative result from a COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours prior to departure, nor are they required to submit a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate of at least three doses or the equivalent. 
  • On-arrival surveillance for travelers and returnees with COVID-19 symptoms has been conducted since 12:00 am (JST) on May 8, 2023.
Additional Information: 


Visiting Japan

After April 29, 2023, pre-registration for quarantine procedures on Visit Japan Web are no longer required, however, you can still use Visit Japan Web to pre-register for "Immigration", "Customs" and "Tax-free Shopping Service" (Optional).   

Visit Japan Web:
Fast Track Pre-registration System

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